The High Security Lab (LHS-PEC) is a joint laboratory between the Brittany Region, DGA, CNRS, INRIA and CentraleSupélec. It comes from the needs to strengthen research in Cyber Security within the research branch of the Pôle d’Excellence Cyber (a cyber cluster co-created by the Ministry of Defence and the Brittany Region).

We have two objectives: the first one is to promote the development of cyber security research for topics deemed important but not enough covered by research teams, the second objective is to promote the technology transfer to industry when subjects are mature enough.

The LHS host experimental platforms that can be used by the researchers from the partners.


In a first phase (2015-2018), the issues of threat analysis on different execution media (computers, phones, etc.), hardware-software co-operation and protection of citizens have been investigated.

In the second phase (2019-2022), the two main axes are the security at the hardware/software interface, and the usages of AI for cybersecurity.


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